Humour is a serious business
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Humour is a serious business


Humour is a serious business

Let me explain why I think it is serious business. In my career, Humour has got me out of many tight (foot in mouth)situations and also landed me with the best of jobs and business deals. When you are completely transparent in a humorous way it wins hearts. Let me share how humor helped me kick-start my career.

As a young man, I was looking for a job and was applying to many different companies of my choice and Siemens was one such lovely company I had applied for. I passed the written test and was called for an interview. Mr. Hegde a very serious man was taking my interview. There was not even a hint of a smile and that made me serious as well. Suddenly I was asked how do you know Mr. Rao. I had no idea who Mr. Rao was, he explained that the gentleman who retired from the Indian Railways and lived in Thane. I tried to recollect and remember my mother often referred to him as uncle, I answered he is my mother’s uncle. Mr. Hegde’s stern voice was “don’t be funny, in that case, your mother is my cousin’s sister.” My response to that was “Sir should I call you Uncle”. He gave me a stern look and I saw a smile slowly dawn on his face.

The other interview was hilarious as I had no answer to the question. Mr. Ginil Shirodkar and Mr.B K Patney had come to the campus to recruit fresh MBA graduates. VP Manufacturing- Mr. Patney’s knowledge of Taxation was deep and tough to handle and I thought the next round with Mr. Shirodkar VP Human Resources would be easy, till he asked me the question.”I see you have worked with Siemens for three-plus years, was this when there was a lockdown due to Dr. Datta Samant’s call to strike work. Yes sir I was there for those nine months. Some more details were discussed and then came the bouncer. Now that you have done an MBA how would you handle Dr. Datta Samant? I genuinely had no idea. I heard myself saying “that’s a million-dollar question?” Ginil was never short on words came back sharply that is why I am asking you? “If I knew the answer I would be making a Million dollars elsewhere ” had him doubling with laughter and all I could hear him say was “great see you in Bombay for the final round.”

Humour is also a great medium to convey a message. I was the Area Sales Manager for Maharashtra at P&G and at the monthly meets One rule we followed religiously was after the meeting all hierarchies are forgotten. It was time to bond with the liquid diet, all were happy and sharing was at its best. BK Jha decided to share, and he shared his sad story of a particular day when he had no productive calls. (productive calls had a benchmark to surpass). Such a day the daily allowance was not sanctioned. He was tired and dejected as the daily allowance was not to be sanctioned, which in reality took care of a chilled beer and half a tandoori chicken dish after a hot humid, and tiring day. As he was moving toward his hostel where all salesmen stayed he saw a big crowd and in the center was an ASS. He asked a man next to him what was happening. He realized that the game was to get the Ass to say NO and you could double your money. Bijay saw an opportunity to get his daily allowance. He took part and whispered something into the ears of the Ass. For the first time, the Ass said no with the shake of his head. The ringmaster could not believe it and insisted that Bijay would get his money only if he shared what he told the Ass. Nothing I just asked him ” Kini Saab ke liye kaam karega”( would you work for Mr.Kini)

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