About Me
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About Me

Only People deliver. They are the differentiator.

Two months before I turned 50, I moved my cheese and started my own Consulting and Leadership development company.

A true Global manager with exposure various cultures, hands on experience in Manufacturing, Finance, Marketing and Sales. Having led companies as their CEO.
I have what is required to advise companies, which I have done successfully for the last 15 years, as a sought-after executive coach, consultant and Trainer. Business and Go to Market Strategy Expert.

During my stint in industry I have personally mentored and coached over 40 future leaders. Building a Leadership bench is a passion.

I have coached over 150 leaders. (CXOs, a mix of Entrepreneurs, Leaders from SMEs, and NGOs. (1500 hours Plus). I have trained over 800 people across India, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
I am indebted to Marshal Goldsmith, Leon Vanderpol, RCS, (David Rock company), Trace Hobson, Shirzad Chamine, ICF and others for helping me be an effective coach.
I am on a mission to empower Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and anyone who loves to dream big and is willing to chase her dreams.

My hobbies are Golf, Photography Travel and Dramatics. I am an Alumnus of Bombay University, SIBM, INSEAD (Fontainebleau France) I live in Bangalore with my family.


Have built companies as their CEO- Gillette, and Airtel. Hands on experience in Manufacturing, Finance, Marketing and Sales.

Built Eternally Successful Organizations like L’Oréal and Airtel as Green Field projects.

ICF Certified Coach –

PCC since 2014.

President -

ICF Chartered Chapter Bengaluru April 2018- March 2020.

Workshop Facilitator

Sought after Speaker

at Corporate Conferences.

My Coaching philosophy

As a coach I take it as my responsibility to create an environment for you to trust me completely. I believe that this is the basis on which all coaching conversations are built upon. I am able to empathize with you as I have been in Industry for 30 years and have experience in almost every aspect of business.

Most of the issues you are currently facing are perhaps part of my experience in Industry in some way or another. I have believed in disrupting myself many times in many different ways and could help you go through your journey with an added awareness level. Through many internal debates I have accepted and realised that Vulnerability is a strength.

Through coaching I would urge you to change the way we communicate and to focus on building the status of people around you. With the help of neuro science I would help you understand the logic and process in building new path ways which would become your new habits.

Building the sage muscles in the brain becomes easier with the PQ (positive quotient) exercises / rituals which I do daily.

Working at the speed of presence helps each of us to become more productive. I believe that if one is faster than the speed of presence then the law of diminishing returns kicks in and we see productivity inversely proportionate.
When I work with a company mandate across, I would be able to move the organisation many notches higher over a period of time. It is now a passion to help people build their lives.